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The Email Template We Use to Stay Accountable

Accountability. What does that word make you think of? Does it scare you? Make you want to work hard? It can be really easy to lose track of the tasks you have to accomplish at work. Especially


How to Write Better Job Descriptions

These days, recruiters know just how difficult it can be to attract top talent to an open roll. With the job market growing increasingly competitive, every aspect of filling a role needs to

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A Q&A with Juniper Square

Juniper Square is transforming the private funds industry, one of the largest and best-performing industries in our financial ecosystem, yet also one of the most inaccessible, least liquid, and


How to Recruit Candidates Who Align with Your Culture

Sure, a company’s vision may be written on the wall for everyone to see, but if employees’ personalities, work habits, and attitudes don’t match it, it won’t be long before their reputation will

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3 Ways to Keep Learning in the Workplace

People ask me occasionally for advice when it comes to working for a startup or what is it like working for a startup. I usually give the same answer: “I am always learning and always make time


Check out Our Interview with a Recruiter from a Major Tech Company

Any interview can be intimidating. Don’t you wish you had the chance to peek into the mind of your interviewer? Well, today, you can. We wanted to interview a recruiter for one of the top tech


What Your Candidate Experience Says About Your Company Culture

We’re hearing a lot these days about candidate experience and company culture. Both have been identified as keys to successful recruiting. Most job seekers care deeply about the type of culture

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How to Resign from a Job (Without Burning Bridges)

Unless you plan to stay with the same company for 30+ years, everyone will need to write a resignation letter at some point in their career. Doing that right as well as handling the transition

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Your Internship [with Example and Template]

So you might be asking yourself, “What makes a great cover letter?”  Not only that, but what’s the difference between cover letter for a full-time job and one written for an internship?

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How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

When it comes to hiring, every company has their own culture and way of doing things. Have you put thought into what your hiring process says about your company? These days, word travels fast.


The Risks of Asking for Too Much in Your Salary Negotiation

Almost everyone should salary negotiate a little bit when they receive a new job offer. But young job seekers are not always aware of the implications and risks of over negotiating for a role. Of


How to Dress for Your Job Interview

Dressing for a job interview can be intimidating and confusing. Of course, you’re much more than what you wear, but what you wear can be a sign of how well you understand an industry. And as the


How to Salary Negotiate When You’re Just out of College

First of all, let’s tackle the question: Should I salary negotiate for an entry-level job? The short, easy answer? Yes. The more complicated answer? A little bit, and the right way. Which of


Are Millennials Really Looking to Job-Hop?

Each year, Scouted helps thousands of candidates find their dream jobs. To ensure our candidates’ success and happiness, we match them with employers who share their values. We know what’s