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Do millennials ever stop their job search?

12% of candidates that sign up for Scouted’s job-matching service already have full time job offers. This finding comes from survey responses from 2395 of Scouted’s millennial candidates.


How to Network (Like a Boss)

Three easy steps to make you dread it a lot less Photo by Farhad Sadykov (licensed via Flickr Creative Commons) Sometimes when you say the word “networking”, you can actually see people shudder.


What jobs are recent college graduates looking for?

More people opt to get PhD’s than could ever hope to get jobs as professors—it’s just the current reality of the job market. A recent article in the LA Review of Books explains why that hasn’t,

CandidatesFounder's Corner

“It’s about the journey” — millennials and work-life integration

Robin Levine, founder of Scouted, has noticed a value shift in how the Millennial generation views work. About previous generations, she said, “It used to be all about an end-goal. You’d do grunt


Why my English major is just as valuable as your STEM major

I’m sick of hearing about the “STEM Crisis” in America. Read any report on American education from the past decade, and you’ll see an excessive amount of hand-wringing over the fact that American


How to win over the best millennial talent—and keep them around

I am a millennial, and I’ve discovered that makes me somewhat of an enigma to hiring managers across the globe. Companies need to hire people my age, but they seem to be struggling to figure us


Introducing Scouted 2.0!

Scouted was already awesome at matching young talent with great entry level jobs, but like everyone, we’re constantly looking to improve ourselves and push our limits. So get ready for

Founder's Corner

Why was Scouted created?

Fixing the Outdated Campus Recruitment Process — An Interview with Scouted’s Founders Dartmouth grads, Jacqueline Loeb and Robin Levine, worked at Bridgewater for a collective 15 years. Through