12% of candidates that sign up for Scouted’s job-matching service already have full time job offers.

This finding comes from survey responses from 2395 of Scouted’s millennial candidates. At the time they signed up, candidates were asked, “Do you have a full-time job offer?” They could choose one of three responses: Yes, No, or Maybe (if they were in the process of interviewing with other firms).

Here is how they responded:

Percentage of Scouted’s candidates that had full-time job offers at signup

12% of candidates said they had full-time job offers, 36.3% said they were in the process of interviewing for full-time jobs, and 51.8% said they did not have any job offers and were not interviewing anywhere else.

According to the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 44% of millennials would be open to leaving their job in the next two years and 25% would consider leaving in the next year. The 12% of Scouted candidates that say they signed up for Scouted with a job offer show that, even as they consider signing on with a new employer, some millennials continue to dig for other job prospects.

Remember, this data is collected when candidates sign up for Scouted. That means this 12% of candidates have already sent in applications and gone through rounds of interviews at other companies. After that whole process, they’ve received a full-time job offer. And, after receiving that offer, they’ve decided to sign up for a job-matching service, to start the whole job-search process all over again. These people are constantly sending feelers out into the job market.

Also interesting is the fact that more than half of Scouted’s candidates said they were not in any other interview pipelines at signup. I think it’s safe to assume that most of these candidates were using other avenues to search for and apply to jobs, so this just emphasizes the difficulties of the job market — you can send in as many applications as you want, but that’s no guarantee that you’ll even be interviewed for a job.

48.3% of candidates had interviews with other companies when they signed up for Scouted. But, once candidates are brought onto Scouted’s process, that number increases by almost 50%. 70% of Scouted’s candidates get interviews with companies.

Millennials approach job-searching differently from previous generations: the 12% of Scouted candidates with job offers support that claim. But the 51.6% of candidates with neither offers nor interviews show that the job-search process is still pretty difficult for young people. Services like Scouted can help with that, as can resources like Alumni Organizations, LinkedIn, andgood old-fashioned networking.

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