Scouted was already awesome at matching young talent with great entry level jobs, but like everyone, we’re constantly looking to improve ourselves and push our limits. So get ready for Scouted 2.0 (formerly known as Snap! for those of you who have been with us from the beginning).

We just launched a brand new website with a lot of cool new features that will make your Scouted experience even better. Our main goal was to increase the transparency for you, the candidate as well as the employers, to know where in the process you are at all times and make it easier for you to get hired. We hope that the new features enable companies and candidates to get to know each other better so we can all make better hiring decisions.

                                               (Started from the bottom now we here)

First let’s meet our brand new mascot: Owl the penguin.

Owl is actually a penguin, however, when the design was first presented some argued that the penguin looked more like an owl. After an extensive debate we settled on a compromise by naming the penguin Owl. We appreciate irony here at Scouted.

On to more important, yet less adorable things.

The registration process is much more streamlined now, making uploading your resume and entering your information much easier and more visually pleasing.

When you create a new account you will be asked questions that help us determine what type of worker you are and what environments you’d do best in. Think of it as a mini personality quiz.

Even if you have already made an account with Scouted before, feel free to answer these questions and update your account

Once you have told us all about yourself you’ll be taken to your profile, or “dashboard.” Your information will only be available to Scouted personnel and potential employers, no one will be able to access it on the internet (like that twitter page you keep forgetting to make private).

However, like a social media page, you can personalize your profile page by adding pictures that depict yourself. These photos will only be seen by the Scouted team, we want to get to know you as best as we can in order to match you with the best job for you!

This is what the companies will see (along with links to your video or written Round 1 interview questions) when clicking on your profile.

The coolest part of the dashboard is that you can always see where you are in the job matching process! You will see clearly what jobs are available in the next batch and keep track of which jobs you’ve matched with and interviewed with.

AND you have access to a full description of each job and company on the opt-in list, along with a description from us on what makes each job awesome. No more relying on emails from us for job information, it’s all available in our new sleek user-friendly interface.

So if you’re looking for a job in the upcoming future come visit our new site and see what we have in store. We’ll help you get that J-O-B!

Also as you may have noticed we also have a blog now! (Guess what you’re on it)

Access a lot of useful job search resources, tips, and thought pieces, along with recommendations for articles to read and podcasts to listen to. It’s all here to get you ready for your #FreshmanYearOfRealLife.

And if you’re a college student/recent graduate who isn’t on Scouted yet then what are you doing? Apply now!

Don’t just find any job. Find the right job.