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How to Accept a Job Offer: From Email Examples to Negotiation

Yay, you were offered a job at a great company! You should jump on this opportunity as soon as possible, right? Hold up there just one second. Job offers are exciting for lots of reasons: they

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How Studying Abroad Makes You Hirable

You’re back after a semester of studying abroad. You know that you just spent a semester on your own in a foreign country and aren’t the same person as when you left, but how do you synthesize

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How to Have a Great First Day as an Intern

The day has finally come – the first day of your new job/internship. You wake up in the morning, probably after not sleeping the night before, half because you are excited and half because

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Tips For Choosing Your Job References

References might be a bigger deal than you think. Believe It or not, references can make or break your job prospects, so it’s extremely important to choose them wisely. Even if you had a great


The Right Way to Turn Down a Job Offer

You got a job offer! Awesome!   Maybe…   Ok so not all jobs are what you might have hoped them to be and that’s ok! There’s more fish in the sea. So what do you do when it’s time to say


Do Hiring Managers Check My Social Media?

The short answer? Yes. You might be interested in our long answer, though. The one that covers Why? What do they look for? And what turns them off? Check out the post and learn what you should


How to Follow up After a Job Interview When You Haven’t Heard a Response (With Example Email)

We get it. Applying for a job is no easy task. It can take hours to find a job that looks like a good fit, fill out an application, edit your resume, rewrite your cover letter, and send it all to