4 Insightful TED Talks For Job Hunters

Each year, millions of people enter the workforce, hungry and eager to embark on their unique journeys. Many of these young individuals are recent college graduates, who are finally ready to


10 Gifs Any Recently Graduated Job Hunter Can Relate To

Being a recently graduated job hunter can be a stressful time in one’s life. In times of stress, we like to use gifs as a coping mechanism, Here are 10 situations, as told by gifs, that any job


Top Apps For College Students

They say that high school is the best time of your life, but why can’t college be instead? Yeah, finals week and getting internships are both pretty rough but fret not! We’re here to help with


How to Engineer Your Own Education Experience

In Ian’s blog post on the value of college degrees, he explains how the internet has democratized the education experience and that employers value skills, rather than credentials, in the modern


Hiring Millennials 101

In an ever-changing world where technological advancement has become commonplace, organizations all around the world will depend on their ability to hire and attract talent. Companies like Apple,


What Is The Value Of A College Degree In 2017?

“If you go to school, you can get a good job, and make decent living”. For decades, it’s always been this same narrative. The common dialogue is that all kids go through high school, pick a


Make Mistakes: 10 Lessons I Learned Since Graduation

When you graduate from college, adults often warn that “the real world is really hard”. This is useless advice. What adults really mean is that “you’re going to make a

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From Diapers to Dartmouth

A few weeks ago during Scouted team lunch, I joked that I’d write a blog post about how to prep your toddler for the Ivy League. So, true to my word, here are my initial thoughts on college prep

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Don’t Let Trump Screw Up Your Job Search

While we are going to aim to stay out of the political fray on this blog, we want to be in the middle of the fray about getting hired.  So today we are taking a stance – whether you support


Introducing the Scouted Fab Five: Our Top 5 Student Entrepreneurs!

You’ve gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Right? George Steinbrenner didn’t build the Yankee dynasty without some tough decisions: like firing  – and rehiring – baseball manager Billy Martin on

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7 Ways to Improve your Technical Resume

Looking to build your technical resume, but not sure how it differs from a traditional resume?  Read on for 7 tips to help your technical resume stand out from the masses. Be thoughtful about


6 Easy Steps for Finding Your First Apartment!

Finding your first apartment ain’t easy. Take it from me; as someone who recently just went through the process, finding your first grown-up place to live post-college is probably the second

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The War for Top Talent: Top 6 Hiring Mistakes

In the past decade, the business world has realized something that the Lakers, Yankees and Patriots have known forever: talent wins games. More than ever, a company’s ability to attract and

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Do finance majors get the finance jobs?

Back when I was in college, it felt like everyone majored in Econ, or Econ and something else (CS in my case).  At a school with no undergrad business program, Econ was the gateway major to that

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Finance 101: The Guide to Wall Street Jobs

Welcome to our first Scouted Scoop, where we take a topic relevant to Scouted candidates, college students and early-career job seekers everywhere, and break it down for you. Today,


Intern Management for Dummies

Although the weather this past weekend made summer feel far from reach, the start of March means it’s time for March Madness and….. Summer internship season!  We’ve done intern hiring for


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Ah, a question both timeless and pervasive. It follows you through elementary, middle and high school, and eagerly tags along to college, growing

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What is The Product Development Process?

Do Ninja Coders Write in Invisible Ink? Maybe it’s just us, but sometimes we feel like job descriptions for software engineering roles are, well, indecipherable – both for those inside


The Pros and Cons of Living at Home

To Live At Home Or Not To: The Post-Grad Question It’s a common nightmare among college seniors.  Graduating job-less, and making the slow, shameful march back into your childhood bedroom, South


How To (Not) Fail Your Job Interview

From someone who has witnessed countless interview-fails – and failed a few herself. Author’s Note: Hi, I’m one of the co-founders of Scouted–a job matching platform for early career